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BTL is a project started by Leander Laugs , a full-time traveler and adventurer, in an attempt to reintroduce the benchmark of durability to the modern product.

It was a series of bad experiences with product’s durability that kicked this off, but another undeniable part of the thought-behind is rebellion. The anti-voice to the ever-growing economy, the search for sustainability.

The current trend in reviews is the ‘unboxing video’. BTL completes the story. Our reviews are not about the bezels, curved edges, glossy paint and smell-of-new; our reviews are written after all that has worn away. We aim to find out if a backpack can be trusted on a self-supported expedition through the planet’s backwaters and if a phone can last beyond its warranty.

Meet our reviewers

Leander Laugs

A wanderer in heart and soul. Always full of ideas and plans and driven by curiosity. Described by Elsbeth as a combination between Indiana Jones, Professor Calculus and Captain Haddock. His base is a caravan in the middle of the Cretan olive fields. His current mission is to tackle the invasive lionfish in the Mediterranean Sea by catching and distributing fish and knowledge.