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Teva Winsted Solid

Teva Winsted Solid

One of Teva’s cheapest sandals. They served me well for many, many kilometers. But when they’re wet the inner sole becomes as slippery as ice.

A screenshot of Osmand on Android.


Osmand saved my life, no kidding. A navigation app using OpenStreetMaps. It features the most detailed offline maps I have seen so far.

Kalenji Onnight 410

Kalenji Onnight 410

A great head lamp in design, but unfortunately it fails to deliver. It has an active callback because of the battery being unstable during charging.

An Opinel knife used to fillet lionfish

Opinel no.9 Carbone

Originally made for the farmers in rural France, it is now used everywhere in the world. A simple, durable, cheap and beautiful knife.

Lezyne ABS Pressure Drive bicycle pump

Lezyne ABS Pressure Drive

♪♪ Pump it Up! Pump it Up! ♪♪
Fixing a flat almost becomes fun, with a quality pump.

BTwin panniers on a Triban 100 bicycle

B'Twin Bicycle Panniers 500

Bicycle Bags on a Budget; Make your donkey useful.

Campingaz Bleuet 206

Campingaz Bleuet 206

The Campingaz Bleuet 206 stove can be considered an old-timer from the time that products were meant to last. You won’t be able to get any replacement parts anymore, but you also won’t have to. This stove will last you a lifetime.

Triban 100 bicycle in front of a wall

B'Twin Triban 100

At more than 1500km with 17+kg of luggage the only one complaining is me, not the bike. The Triban 100 is priced like a supermarket-bicycle, but actually performs.

Screenshot of html code in Vim

Website Redesigned

BTL Reviews stepped away from Wordpress and now uses Hugo, a static site generator, supercharging the site in development, authoring and speed.

A tarp camouflaged between olive trees

DD Tarp 3x3, Cyote Brown

For those nights where you expect dew, a shower, or even a storm. This tarp made by DD Hammocks will provide the shelter you need. It being much more versatile, less heavy and more open than a tent should spike interest at everyone who loves being in the outdoors.